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PT. Daya Yes Shipyard is one of the developing shipyards in Indonesia, and started its operation in 2006. Located in Samarinda, East Kalimantan with area of 21 hectare, PT. Daya Yes Shipyard provides services of Ship Docking and Repair, Ship Building and Engineering with facilities as follows:
  1. Graving dock
    Length 150 m x Width 28 m x Depth 10 m
    Location by Coordinate: LT. 00° 33’ 49’’-BJ. 117° 12’ 56”, 4E
  2. Slip Way, with capacity of 5000 DWT (on building process)
  3. Mooring boat
  4. Workshop
Office of PT. DAYA YES SHIPYARD at plant site Samarinda IlirOffice of PT. DAYA YES SHIPYARD at plant site Samarinda Ilir

Name of customers of PT. Daya Yes Shipyard for Docking and Repair, are as below:

  1. PT. Pelayaran Bahari Perdana, Jakarta
  2. PT. Prima Armada Samudra, Jakarta
  3. PT. Wintermar, Jakarta
  4. PT. Supraco Indonesia, Jakarta
  5. PT. Dowell Anadrill Schlumberger, Balikpapan
  6. PT. Mercusuar Lintasindo, Samarinda
  7. PT. Panca Merak Samudra, Surabaya
  8. PT. Pelita Samudera Shipping, Jakarta
  9. PT. PP Rusianto Bersaudara, Samarinda
  10. PT. Indominco Mandiri, Jakarta
  11. PT. SK Pelayaran Indonesia, Jakarta
  12. PT. Agus Suta Line, Samarinda
  13. PT. ARPENI, Jakarta
  14. CGG Veritas, France
  15. PT. Logindo Samudra Makmur, Jakarta


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